Distillery: Pioneers & Leaders

With a rich legacy spanning over 40 years in the field of agro-processing, BCL Industries has reformed the distillery market in India by establishing new benchmarks. We are at the forefront of implementing social responsibilities, practicing sustainability and maintaining environmental balance across operations. Being a responsible organisation, we prevent stubble (parali) burning by implementing environmentally friendly practices and promoting sustainable development. Our state-of-the-art distillery has raised considerably high standards for efficient water and effluent management processes by achieving the status of ‘zero discharge unit’ and ‘full backward and forward integrated unit’ in the year 2023. Furthermore, we possess an impressive installed capacity of 600 kilolitres per day with an ambitious plan to expand up to 850 KLPD, in both Punjab and West Bengal.

Achieving Distillery Prowess

At BCL Industries, our strength lies in numerous factors, such as the quest for excellence and innovation fuelled by our talented people and dynamic leadership. Combined with unmatched capabilities, world-class technologies and enhanced product quality. Together, we paved our path to success while upholding our commitment to nation-building and the environment.

Expertise Flexibility Cost-Effective Scalability Competitive Advantage

For over four decades, BCL Industries has been deeply entrenched in the agrarian business making us a natural expertise and enabling us with a competitive edge in procuring raw materials at advantageous rates. Our distillery segment has advanced machinery and world-class infrastructure facilities enabling us to deliver a zero-discharge, energy-efficient and sustainable business model.


BCL Industries hold unique capabilities in operating multiple raw materials like rice, maize, millet and so on, conditional to their seasonal availability. Our distillery plant has been designed to easily control and operate the production of ENA as well as Ethanol ensuring a seamless swap between the two in minimal duration. This exceptional feature is one of the USPs that gives us a competitive edge and distinguishes us from the rest.


The Company’s four-decade-long experience in rice milling ensures it has a huge advantage over all its competitors in procuring raw materials at the most economical price. Our power generation unit operates on rice straw, the most cost-efficient raw material to function in the boiler of a power plant. This, combined with the alcohol recovery plant, has propelled us towards unparalleled growth in the distilleries sector.


The Company’s distilleries hold abundant landbank, steam and power, ensuring it is confident and prepared for further expansion whenever required in the near future. Furthermore, the Government of India’s policy supporting higher mixing of ethanol in petrol has only boosted our expansion plans in the ethanol production sector.

Competitive Advantage:

Our distillery plants are strategically located in the rice belts where the availability of raw materials is in abundance throughout the year at the most economical prices and low transportation costs.

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